Local Business Website Design

Case Study

UK Metals – Specialist Metal Recycling

UK Metals is a specialist in non-ferrous metal recycling. They offer a convenient cash-in service in the South West of England. Kcreate has redesigned their existing website in January 2024.

It has many new features:

  • Ordering form to request a free metal recycling bin
  • Referral program
  • Embedded Google map outlining the specific area collection zones
  • Updatable price list
  • YouTube channel to embed videos within the website pages
  • FAQ section
  • SEO optimisation

Kcreate has worked on different projects with the owner of UK Metals since 2007. The new website is a WordPress content management system. Administrators can log in and update the complete website. It is responsive across all devices from smartphones to large TVs.

The new website is a super way for UK Metals to showcase its new local business.

Please click here to view the UK Metals website.

For further info on our websites for local businesses please check out our dedicated page for more details.